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Australia Golf

In Australia a century-old feud has raged between The Australian Golf Club in Sydney and Royal Melbourne Golf Club as to which is the oldest. The Australian was formed in 1882 but six years later lost its course until 1895. Royal Melbourne was founded in 1891 and technically may be the second oldest club in the land but certainly is the oldest continuous club. From the classic traditional courses of Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt to the coastal links of The Mornington Peninsula, Australia now boasts over 1,500 golf courses. A golf vacation to Australia is just as
exciting and different as any trip down under!

In addition to golf, Australia offers a wide variety of activities for its visitors:

• Wine Tasting
• Gourmet Dining
• Music Festivals
• Film Festivals
• Haute Couture
• Yacht Charters
• Luxury Trains
• Fly Fishing
• Biking
• Hiking
• Walking
• Spa
• Major Sporting Events

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